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Did you know... ... that Nike icon Michael Jordan was once a huge adidas fan? ... that Puma and adidas were started by rival brothers? ... that New Balance was founded by a chicken farmer?... or that the US basketball team won seven consecutive Olympic gold medals in Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars?Favourites like the adidas Stan Smith, Nike Air Jordan and Puma Suede are worn by millions as everyday footwear but were originally born to bring victory on court, track and field. Golden Kicks reveals the stories behind some of the greatest shoes in sporting history, the roles they played in sport's greatest moments and how they have made the transition from classic sportswear to mainstream streetwear, with almost everyone now owning a pair. Join us on a global journey that begins in the early 1900s and ends in the present day, charting the development of sports shoes and sport itself through the ages, from the Dassler Brothers' spikes in which Jessie Owens destroyed Hitler's vision of Aryan supremacy in Berlin, to the gold Pumas that Usain Bolt used to destroy world records in Beijing. Both sports fans and sneakerheads will discover and love to share the amazing stories behind the shoes, the people who made them and the athletes who wore them.
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