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Illustrated in full color, this book presents a complete guide for treating more than 150 diseases and disorders-from chronic conditions such as arthritis and heart problems, to more minor problems such as tinnitus, insomnia, and stage fright. Each treatment protocol includes guidance on how acupressure can best help the situation-whether it is capable of completely curing a condition or whether it should be used in conjunction with other healing modalities. Dr. Dalet includes important new acupoints discovered by contemporary Chinese medical researchers that address ailments resulting from sedentary lifestyles and use of computers, such as obesity and eye strain. HEALTH / ACUPRESSURE "I am pleased to recommend Dr. Roger Dalet's The Encyclopedia of Healing Points for three good reasons. First, it is truly comprehensive, earning the ambitious title of 'Encyclopedia.' Second, it is extremely well organized and user friendly. Third, the information provided...
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